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Back 2 School, Back 2 Health

It is that time again: school supplies, packing lunches and homework... Giving the body the right fuel is vital all year round, but especially when the brain is re-adjusting to school after a fun summer off!

Here is some healthy lunch inspiration for you and your family as you go grocery shopping for back to school!

Invite the kids in the kitchen to help assemble their lunches, and let them be creative with these healthy foods. Kids can help meal prep, and they will be learning life long skills in the process! Here are 2 options:

  • If you have a spiralizer, they can spiral up some summer squash for a "pasta salad" with leftover baked chicken, olive oil and their favorite herbs/spices!

  • Fun chicken kabobs are easy to make with sliced organic cucumber, whole cherry tomatoes and cubed cooked organic chicken breast.

Package their healthy creations in BPA-free plastic ware or glass containers for a convenient and portable lunch! The healthy possibilities are endless... and delicious!

Have a blessed back to school season!


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