Food Sources of Iron

April 24, 2018

 Here are some yummy foods that contain a good amount of iron- both plant and animal sources. You can pair some of these foods in the same meal such as tahini in your garbanzo bean hummus or steamed broccoli alongside your grass fed buffalo burger... perhaps with a tahini spread on the gluten free bun


Of course, if at all possible, purchase these foods organic- to reduce pesticides and potentially get more nutrients! 


Did you know that vitamin C encourages the absorption of iron in your food, too? Perhaps you'll try a squeeze of lemon on your broccoli, in your water, or in the hummus...

Organic red bell peppers alongside the chicken legs or orange slices on your salad with pumpkin seeds would be other delectable additions!  (source)


Let's brainstorm how we can cook with these fantastic foods...


pumpkin seeds: sprinkle on salads (p.121 Cook 2 Flourish), in smoothies, granola (p.69 Cook 2 Flourish) on yogurt, in trail mix...


tahini: 1-2 Tablespoons in hummus (p.82-83 Cook 2 Flourish), in a creamy salad dressing, spread on crackers...


black beans: with tacos/fajitas, black bean burgers (p.165 Cook 2 Flourish), chili, fajita soup (p.136 Cook 2 Flourish), on Fiesta Salad (p.121 Cook 2 Flourish), black bean dip (like hummus)...


garbanzo beans: in hummus (p.82-83 Cook 2 Flourish), on salads, chickpea patties (p.164 Cook 2 Flourish), in soup (p.138-139 Cook 2 Flourish) ...


peas: snap peas, frozen peas on salad, in soup, in stir fry (p.179 Cook 2 Flourish), steamed and tossed with olive oil...


acorn squash: stuffed with cauliflower rice (p.225 Cook 2 Flourish), baked and topped with cinnamon and honey, use like butternut squash or sweet potatoes like on p.223 Cook 2 Flourish...


spinach: cooked in coconut oil/avocado oil/chicken broth and garlic (p.203 Cook 2 Flourish), cooked and added to  spaghetti squash, pizza or Italian casserole (p.200, 168, 155 Cook 2 Flourish)...


broccoli: steamed and topped with olive oil and garlic powder (p.193 Cook 2 Flourish), in stir fry (p.179 Cook 2 Flourish), roasted, in Thai or Minestrone soup...


apricots (these will appear darker since they don't have sulfur added to them): in trail mix,  add on salad (p.108, 110,111 Cook 2 Flourish)  in gluten free muffins...


chicken legs: baked, pan fried or slow cooker (p.174, 160 Cook 2 Flourish), cooked then chopped onto salad, in soup (p.130 Cook 2 Flourish) ...


buffalo: burgers, chili (p.133 Cook 2 Flourish), taco meat, gluten free Italian casserole or zucchini boats (p.155,161 Cook 2 Flourish)...


herbal source:

Another favorite way to get food sources of iron is through a supplement called I-X.



Enjoy and cook 2 flourish! 




(source for the iron foods)


For additional information, you can also check out this article.




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