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Clean Eating Cooking Party

Have you ever wondered what to do with seemingly foreign or even common vegetables you stroll past at the health food store or Farmer’s Market? Be perplexed no more!

Be inspired by the array of colorful, flavorful foods the season has to offer, and enjoy some Cook 2 Flourish recipes.


Flourishing Foundations

Diets die off, but lifestyle lasts! This class will inspire and equip you to cultivate a healthy mindset to succeed, detox your kitchen of H.A.R.S.H.  foods, upgrade your daily food choices, and more!

ETS soup.png

Gut Health Basics

Did you know that health begins in the gut? Let’s talk about how we can nourish our gut on a daily basis and flourish in our health from the inside out!


Essential Oils Ladies Spa Party

Come have some fun and relax while making simple essential oil recipes to pamper yourself with! You’ll get to play with Lavender, frankincense, REFUGE and other Nature’s Sunshine Authentic Essential Oils and learn their uses and benefits!

Questions or want to book a class? 

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