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Quality and efficacy are paramount when it comes to nutritional supplements, and these products are thoroughly tested to deliver the best to you.
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All items are sourced through Nature's Sunshine. Follow the links to purchase or for more information.

Essential Oil Bundles

Breathe, Clean & Relax

This essential oil trio has crisp, refreshing and sweet notes that support the lungs and sinuses and can ease feelings of stress. Purity essential oil is excellent for adding to your DIY cleaning supplies or diffusing! Paradise essential oil blend is delightful in a roll-on or diffused to bring calm and a restful environment.

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Uplift, Protect & Calm

These are my favorite essential oils! The Inspire blend is amazing to smell whenever you need a pick-me-up; add it to your diffuser or into a roll-on! Essential Shield is a protective blend that can support the immune system- I love adding it to a diffuser during the changing of the seasons or making a healthy hand sanitizer with it! Refuge essential oil smelled directly from the bottle or added to an Epsom salt bath is a perfect way to unwind and find a refuge in times of stress.

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L'amara Skin Care Trio

Wellness Bundles 

Bless, Don't Stress

Bless your body back during times of stress with this wellness bundle! Upgrade your morning routine with quick and tasty Love and Peas Sugar Free protein for breakfast. The IN.FORM™ Probiotic, AnxiousLess and Ashwagandha help to nourish the body in 3 different ways: replenishing the gut bacteria, supporting a positive mood, and helping the body adapt to stressful situations. REFUGE essential oil is delightful to diffuse or carry in your purse or in your desk drawer to take a moment to breathe and find a peaceful refuge.

Stress Less Bundle photo 2.JPG

Love & Peas Sugar Free Protein Powder  l  Probiotic 11   AnxiousLess™ l  Ashwagandha   REFUGE essential oil

l Complete Bundle l

Wellness Gift Basket Bundles

What better gift to give than the gift of health?! 

Here are some of my favorite products in mini bundles that can be a blessing to our friends and family! 

Energy 2 Flourish

Power up with delicious healthy protein to start your day and super charge it with gut- loving probiotics and a gently cleansing minty Chlorophyll drink! Solstic Energy is a citrus-flavored drink packet that can be enjoyed in place of coffee or sugary energy drinks. It has B vitamins and caffeine from guarana seed for energy and mental clarity. Ashwagandha is one of my favorite products for it’s herbal goodness that supports the body in times of stress and help combat fatigue. Sunshine in a bottle, aka INSPIRE essential oil is amazing for sniffing or diffusing for a pick-me-up!

Flourish Bundle.jpg

Love & Peas Sugar Free Protein Powder  l   Probiotic 11    Ashwagandha  l   Liquid Chlorophyll ES drink  l  Solstic Energy l   INSPIRE essential oil blend ​

l Complete Bundle l

Daily Favorites

Power up with delicious healthy protein to start your day and super charge it with gut- loving probiotics and a gently cleansing minty Chlorophyll drink! Super Trio is a convenient multi-vitamin packet for lunch and/or dinner that compliments a healthy eating lifestyle!

Daily Favorites.jpg

Love & Peas Sugar Free Protein Powder  l   Probiotic 11   l  Liquid Chlorophyll ES drink  l  

Super Trio  daily multi-vitamin, omega 3 and antioxidant packets

l Complete Bundle l

Back 2 School Bundles 

Back 2 school bundles are a wonderful way to support the brain, gut and immune system whether you are a student, teacher, or parent! These bundles incorporate unique products to help you flourish during this busy season! 


l Student Bundle l   

Detox 2 Flourish 

Everyday our body works diligently to counter the effects of toxins from our environment. This bundle supports the gut with prebiotic fiber in both the Love and Peas protein powder and in the IN.FORM™ Probiotic. Ultra Biome DTX is a citrus flavored detox drink packet that is easy to add to water. It provides 7 grams of fiber per serving, and it supports the removal of heavy metals and toxins from the gut so that you can flourish!

Detox Bundle.jpg

Love & Peas Sugar Free Protein Powder  l   Probiotic 11   l  Ultra Biome DTX drink packets  l  Power shaker water bottle 

l Complete Bundle l

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Robin's Herbal Favorite 

None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA, nor are they to take the place of a doctor. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure disease.

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