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Serve the Gift of Health This Christmas

Gift exchanges are prevalent this time of year as we bless each other with presents, showing our love and appreciation for one another… but what about giving a gift to our health this Christmas?

Often times, as we all know, from Thanksgiving onward to New Year’s our health takes a back seat and is left to feed on the crumbs of nutrition. As jolly as this season may be with tradition, blessings and memories, it is also one of the most stressful, making it even more vital to intentionally nourish ourselves. Obligations and objections may be popping up like popcorn in your mind— what about the favorite Christmas cookies, candies, cider… and casseroles? We must ask ourselves if we are willing to make a gift exchange this Christmas… will we exchange the usual gift of sugary pleasures in return for naturally delicious nourishing foods this year?

Guess what, if you are willing, here are some wonderful "Gift Exchange" recipes for you!

All of these recipes are from my Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook, and if you want to give yourself recipe gifts all year, please check out my book here!

Happy cooking and Merry Christmas!

Gift Exchange recipe #1: Perfect Pumpkin Pie Filling

Gift Exchange recipe #2: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gift Exchange recipe #3: Warm Me Up Hot Chocolate

Gift Exchange recipe #4: Butternut Cinnamon Rounds

Gift Exchange recipe #5: Green Bean Casserole

BONUS gifts:

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