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4 Ways to B.E.A.T. Stress

Even if we can't fully eliminate all the stressors in our lives, we CAN implement helpful strategies to support our body under stress! These are 4 of my favorite ways to beat stress, and I believe they will be a great benefit to you in your daily life! To view the Facebook video class, tune in here!

In a nut shell, these are my 4 tips:

1. Breathe & Be still

2. Enjoy eating nourishing foods

3. Assist with supplements

4. Trust God & Testify about His Promises


Let's just take a moment to breathe in deeply... even if you are in a hurry to read this post, I encourage you to breathe in for 4 counts, then exhale for 6. In the exhale, the body can start to shift to be calm and operate more in the parasympathetic nervous system rather than in fight or fight mode.

Even in Psalm 46:10 we see God's admonition to BE STILL and know that He is God.

What if we took time each morning, or every time the stress is trying to get the best of us and breathe and remind ourselves to be still before God and invite Him into the situation.

Enjoy Eating Nourishing Foods:

Rather than causing our body stress with inflammatory foods, what if we armed our body with colorful, antioxidant rich foods?!

Here are some ideas to incorporate the rainbow of colors and flavors in your day to cook 2 flourish!

Breakfast: easy smoothie: Love & Peas Sugar Free + Wild Blueberries + frozen Spinach + cacao powder + chia seeds

Lunch: Lettuce Tacos/wrap + cooked chicken/ salmon + avocado + red & yellow bell peppers + hummus…

Super food snack: plain plant based yogurt + pumpkin seeds + cinnamon + stevia (optional)

Dinner: Organic Turkey Burger, Sweet Potato + Garlic Broccoli + Mixed Greens Salad

Dessert: choose one of your favorite recipes from our Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook! Or use the sweet potato as dessert with cinnamon and chopped pecans!

Inspired to plan out your meals? Here is a helpful chart!

Assist with Natural, Quality Supplements:

Through my internship with my naturopathic doctor and in other health seminars, I have learned about the value of creating wellness bundles that incorporate herbs, essential oils and flower essences. In this, we are not only supporting the physical body but also supporting the emotional side of the body. My favorite source for each of these is through Nature's Sunshine due to their commitment to quality, and their products are available in my Herbal Boutique!

For supporting the body under stress, theses are my go-to's:

1. Distress Flower Essence liquid for calming and centering

2. Core, Refuge, organic Lavender, and/or organic Red Mandarin essential oils

Enjoy these in:

-sniff stick (see image below): 5-15 drops, depending on age and need

-roll-on's: 10 ml roll-on + 6-12 drops, depending on age and need

-diffuser blend: 2 drops Core + 1 drop Lavender essential oil

3. Ashwagandha and Nutri-Calm

-These are two of my favorites for supporting the adrenals and stress response in

the body.

Create Your Own Beat the Stress Bundle on the Herbal Boutique:

  1. Distress Remedy

  2. Refuge/Core

  3. Ashwagandha

  4. Nutri-Calm and/or Probiotic 11

  5. Love and Peas Sugar Free

*please check with your doctor prior to using supplements

Trust God and Testify about His Promises:

When we are stressed or overwhelmed, it can be challenging to shift our mind to the positive and speak life. This is so vital, though! I am certainly still growing in this, but I believe it has such power to bring joy and peace in the midst of chaos!

You can write, paint, draw, use a post-it-note or whatever your favorite method is to remind yourself of God's Promises. Here are a few of my favorites to add to yours if you'd like!

May we all be encouraged and be diligent to implement these tips daily so we can B.E.A.T. stress and flourish!

God bless you,


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