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GRAB Those Toxins!

What would happen if we didn’t do spring cleaning, take showers everyday or take out the trash in our homes? Dirt would build up, Odors would be emitted, unwanted critters might come, and other undesirable consequences would ensue...

What about the inside of our bodies, though?

Daily our stomach, liver, colon and other organs must digest and sort through the food we ingest and toxins we encounter. Toxins are poisonous substances that are byproducts of what we eat and are exposed to in processed foods, pesticides, air pollution, personal care products and more. If not properly rid of them, the body can become toxic.

Just as you would regularly take out the trash at home, the body also must take out the trash daily, otherwise disease can fester.

Evidence of potential toxicity can be bloating, weight loss plateaus, brain fog, nausea, fatigue, headaches and more.

How can we “GRAB” the toxins to escort them out of the body?

Welcome the following foods to your daily menu: garlic, radishes, apples, and beets. You can remember these by their acronym GRAB, and aim to purchase them organic. In case they aren’t on your shopping list yet, here is some inspiration:

Garlic has been known to be anti-inflammatory, aid in heavy metal detoxification, and support liver cleansing function. Smash and set aside the garlic for 10 minutes before cooking with it to protect its healthy compounds during cooking. Garlic adds a kick to stir fries, salad dressings, roasted garlic atop whole grain pizza adds depth, and boosts the nutrition in marinara sauce.

Radishes are said to support the gallbladder and aid in cleansing the liver. You may not be acquainted with the common radish’s vibrant cousins including the watermelon radish and the purple daikon radish- both offer a bolt of color in a salad. Simply take a vegetable peeler to make colorful wisps of radish in a salad, or slice radishes raw to enjoy with hummus.

Read more about the "Radish Story" on page 109 Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook

Apples contain fiber which helps keep the colon clean. Besides enjoying them whole, try them sliced with cinnamon for added antioxidants, sliced on salad with almonds or walnuts, or in an apple pie smoothie with cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg.

Beets, like radishes, have a variety of colors to garner wonder and please the palate. Red beets have been shown to offer liver cleansing support, promote lymphatic health, and nourish the blood. Toss colorful raw beet wisps in salad- golden, Chiogga, or red beets, add a slice to smoothies, or roast them with sea salt and garlic. For nutrients you just can’t beet, remember to wash and save the beet greens to slice thinly into salad or freeze for use in a smoothie.

Happy Salad page 102 Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook

For more colorful recipe tips, please view Robin’s Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook!


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