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Easy Peasy Cooking

We all want to eat healthy, but ease and convenience are high on the priority list, too. What is a cook to do, then? Gratefully, simplicity and nutrition can be married together in many dishes! Here are 3 helpful tips and 4 of my favorite easy go to's from my Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook!

Being prepared with the healthy ingredients on hand is vital, and a little pre-planning goes a long way, too!

Here are a few Easy-Peasy Tips:

1. PRE-COOK: While you are making dinner or cooking breakfast, wash and poke a spaghetti squash and bake it while you are in the kitchen. This way, when you need it for dinner the next time, it will be ready and you won't have to cook it when you get home from work.

Spaghetti squash is ultra versatile:

  • add organic cilantro and lime for Mexican

  • add sundried tomatoes and basil for Italian

  • add coconut aminos, coconut flakes and sautéed veggies for Asian stir fry

2. PRE-WASH: Purchase pre-washed organic salad greens for easy salads and smoothies. Then, all you have to do is add your favorite healthy dressing and chopped veggies! Or, you can buy fresh unwashed greens and wash them all at once to use the next few days.

3. BAKE EXTRA: Make a whole baked chicken and have it for dinner, then use it for leftover lunch salad/sandwich etc. and there may be some left for chicken fajitas for the next dinner!

Enjoy as you cook 2 flourish!


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