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Functional Fall Foods...


Don't you love the simple beauty and warming flavors of fall foods?

Even if the ordinary acorn squash is something you haven't cooked with, I encourage you to branch out and try one!

Or, perhaps you are ready for a sweeter squash.

If so, a Carnival squash or Sweet Dumpling squash would be perfect!

Many Farmer's Markets and health food stores will have an abundance of these harvest blessings September- November.

This sweet dumpling squash was the perfect size for a salad bowl and provide a serving dish and a taste of dessert too! Here is how to enjoy this delicious, functional fall food:

sweet dumpling squash salad bowl!

1. Select a medium sized carnival or sweet dumpling squash- a little larger than a soft ball). Simply wash and cut the squash in half; bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes (or until fork tender).

2. Let the squash cool, then scoop out all but 1/2 inch of the flesh attached to the skin. (Keep the scooped out flesh for another use: soup or to mash with butter and cinnamon)

3. Once the squash "bowl" is cool (you can even refrigerate it overnight), just add your favorite salad and serve! To be extra functional, try roasting some of the squash seeds and put them on top! I personally eat the skin of the squash also, but it is up to you.


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