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Healthy in the Hustle & Bustle

In the midst of the busy Christmas season (or any season of life that is super-busy), here are 3 tips to help reduce stress and stay on track with your health goals:


Fill your home (room, office, etc) with authentic essential oils that will support your body for what it needs most.

For seasonal stress, I like to reach for REFUGE essential oil blend featuring lavender and orange.

If the sniffles are knocking at the door, ESSENTIAL SHIELD or BREATHE DEEP are my choices!

Sometimes I want to support my body during stress and keep my immune system strong, so I’ll do 3 drops of ESSENTIAL SHIELD and 3 drops REFUGE in my diffuser.

They are also lovey in a roll-on (12 drops in 1/2 ounce roll-on with carrier oil).

Ahhh, let the relaxation begin!


Having healthy foods on hand is key!

Cooking an extra chicken for a quick soup or fajita dinner or baking an extra spaghetti squash for an easy lunch or spaghetti dinner after work makes a huge difference for me. In the winter months, I like to treat spaghetti squash like I would a salad- putting different toppings on it and taking it for lunch. Some of my favorite spaghetti squash combos are:

  • chicken + cilantro + black beans or bell pepper

  • garbanzo beans + kale + roasted garlic

  • salmon + roasted Brussels sprouts

  • chicken + artichoke hearts + kalamata olives + basil/oregano/rosemary

Having already washed greens on hand is helpful for a throw together salad or powerful smoothie add in!

Spaghetti squash is so versatile!

Sweet Substitutes.

During the Christmas season, cookies and candies abound, but there are healthier alternatives! Melting 70% dark chocolate and drizzling over your favorite raw nuts to make “turtles” is an easy healthier candy recipe! Enjoying naturally sweet foods like berries, sweet potatoes, winter squash, cinnamon, and carrots can also help us not to reach for the sugary foods as much. For more sweet treat recipes, check out Chapter 13 in my Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook!

Have a blessed Christmas season!

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