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Cook 2 Flourish Christmas Menu

There is good news this Christmas...

First the good news of celebrating the true significance of Christmas- Jesus Christ lovingly coming to Earth to rescue us from our sin and to re-unite us with Himself and God through faith in Him as our Savior. This is the ultimate Good News!

The other good news is that you and your family can enjoy delicious festive foods without compromising your health! Why wait until the New Year to begin eating healthy when you can leverage December for your healthy eating goals? Of course there may be a few settings where you can't control what is available to eat, but for the most part, you have the opportunity to prepare and choose healthy foods! To help you in this endeavor, I have listed below the top 18 Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook recipes for Christmas! (For the PDF click here.)

Happy Cooking and Merry Christmas!

No Pudge Fudge p.304 Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook

1. Pumpkin Spice Smoothie p.15 (Fuel for all your prepping)

2. Orange Courtwarming Salad p.119

3. Quick Cranberry Salad p.103

4. [Butternut] Sunshine Soup p.137

5. Caul-it-tatoes p.211

6. Gravy p.250

7. Whipped Sweet Potatoes p.221 (Easy version: p.220 Coconut Baked Sweet Potatoes)

8. Wild Rice Butternut Pilaf p.213

9. Delectable Turkey Dressing/stuffing p.219

10. Roasted Brussels Sprouts p.191

11. Glorious Green Beans p.195

12. Green Bean Casserole p.208

13. Turkey p.176-177 (Remember to get a Free Range or Organic Turkey)

14. Baked Chicken p.173

15. Kan’t Believe It’s Not Bread p.269, 272

16. Pumpkin Pie-dairy free ☺ p.287 pie crust, 316

17. Butternut Cinnamon Rounds—almost like eating a cinnamon roll, but it’s healthy!

18. No Pudge Fudge p.304

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