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Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie

The zing of two vitamin C rich fruits makes for a nourishing, refreshing smoothie!

strawberry kiwi smoothie

Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie

1 serving

8-10 ounces filtered water

½ cup ice cubes

1 kiwi

½-¾ cup strawberries, frozen

2 organic celery ribs (or frozen organic spinach- as much as you want!)

1/4 - 1/2 ripe avocado, pit removed and peeled

¼ inch slice fresh ginger root, optional

½ teaspoon cinnamon

2 scoops Love and Peas® sugar free protein powder (1 serving)

super charge it:

½ Tablespoon Nature’s Sunshine® flax seed oil with lignans, optional


1) Peel the kiwi. Cut the celery into 6 or 7 pieces.

2) Pour water into blender along with ice cubes, kiwi, strawberries, celery/spinach, avocado, ginger root, cinnamon, flax seed oil (if desired), Mineral Chi Tonic (if desired) and protein powder.

3) Blend on high or on smoothie option until smooth and creamy.

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