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Inside My IN.FORM Meal Plan

As I was packing my food for today, I thought it would be fun and helpful to share what is in my meal plan for today! As you can probably relate, it is going to be a busy weekend, and I want to give my body the best fuel possible! Having the healthy foods ready and available makes eating clean, even in the busy times, so much easier!

You CAN Cook 2 Flourish!

Clean Eating for a day

Here is what I'm going for:

.FRESH. -- use as many local/ Farmer's Market foods as possible

.COLOR. -- from red tomatoes to purple tinted basil

.VARIETY. -- kale salads, spaghetti squash, smoothie

.FLAVOR. -- cacao, garlic, basil, REAL sea salt, dill in the egg omelet muffins...

Here are where the macronutrients are coming from...


  • Complex carbs --> roasted beets and butternut squash

  • Non-starchy green veggies like snap peas, kale and squash


Healthy Fats:

  • Chia Seeds

  • Avocado (about 1/2 total today)

  • Avocado oil (from the roasted veggies)

  • Tahini in the kale salad [Raw; Artisana brand]

What's in a day?

Ultra Biome DTX powder, then:

Breakfast: Smoothie with frozen greens, cacao/cocoa powder, avocado, cooked and cooled butternut squash & Love and Peas Sugar Free protein powder (p.22 Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook) I also love using the Adaptamax capsules to support my body during busy/stressful times!

Lunch: Massaged Kale Salad with Farmer's Market Cherry Tomatoes & roasted squash and yellow beets with Sardines (p.110, 197 Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook)

Dinner: Spaghetti squash with fresh basil, avocado, and Egg Omelet Muffins (p.200, 39 Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook) + Super Trio Multi Vitamin Pack

Snacks: Snap peas, Organic Seaweed Chips

… Be inspired to eat what will fuel you to fulfill your potential!

If you are curious what IN.FORM is all about, please check out this link. It is an amazing health coaching program that I strive to live and teach. If you are looking to transform your health, IN.FORM is for you! If you would like to learn more, I would be glad to share how you can get started!

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