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Meal Prep 2 Flourish

Wouldn't it be great to eat healthily, but cook minimally?!

Here are some of my family's go-to's for busy times!

Cook the Chicken (or 2!)

Meal 1: Baked chicken or crock-pot chicken (p.173,177 Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook) 

-enjoy that fresh chicken with baked sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli and salad (or whatever veggies you like best)

-super easy idea: while the chicken has about 30 minutes left, put a whole tray of veggies in the oven to roast- one pan; lots of veggie variety! Serve with a side salad

With the leftover chicken: Meal 2 idea: Fajitas (p.150 Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook) (use the rest of the bell peppers for roasting and adding to spaghetti squash in the idea below.) Meal 3 idea: Spaghetti squash with roasted bell peppers, basil and chicken leftovers (p.162, 168 Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook)  Meal 4 idea: Chicken soup with left-over spaghetti squash as the “noodles” (p.130 Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook) OR chicken salad (p.146 Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook)

Happy Cooking!!

3 ways to use chicken for delicious meals

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