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Local Eleven Salad

Have you ever been in a health food store or at the Farmer’s Market and been so inspired to use a certain food in a new recipe?!

It’s such a blessing when this happens, and it hit me the other day when I was at my local health food store TERRA.

I was showing my Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook there, and they were giving out free samples of two unique local produce items: cucumelons and ground cherries. As I lingered there amidst all the vibrant foods, God inspired me to make a beautiful salad featuring these local delicacies!

So excited to enjoy this new recipe, I realized this would be a perfect opportunity to utilize the other local goodies I had on hand. As you go to your garden, market or grocery store, take a moment to visualize what vibrant local/seasonal veggies you could arrange on your salad plate!

Here are the 11 produce favorites I used:

  1. cucumelons

  2. ground cherries

  3. bell peppers

  4. heirloom tomatoes

  5. kohlrabi (shredded)

  6. patty pan squash

  7. okra (raw)

  8. basil, parsley, mint leaves...

  9. red onion, sweet onion or leek

  10. kale

  11. green beans or snap peas (raw)

Kale salad base:

8 cups organic kale, roughly torn

1 Tablespoon lemon juice

2 teaspoons organic miso

1 Tablespoon organic tahini

1 teaspoon Bragg liquid aminos

Simply massage the kale with these dressing ingredients until the kale is wilted and coated well.

Arrange your veggies on top and enjoy!

Happy Eating!

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