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Making Power Food Salads

Food is information... powerful information! God has created plants with so many amazing antioxidants, macro and micro nutrients for our vitality! Each time we pick up our fork, we want to capitalize on this abundance of power, don't we?!

Today for lunch, I wanted to create something nourishing and flavorful, so this Asian Power Salad is what was built! It was so good, I couldn't help but share with you!

Here are some ideas to get your power food juices going:

1) GREENS... choose your base of leafy greens

...I like using a "Power Greens" blend

2) PROTEIN... plant based or lean & clean meat

...In this salad I opted for ORGANIC edamame (no GMO's for me!), but wild salmon or organic chicken would be tasty too!

3) COLOR & CRUNCH... bring on the veggies!

...It's time to clean the fridge and get the shredder out: shredded cabbage, shredded cabbage, shredded zucchini or broccoli stalk... or whatever your favorite veggies are!

4) BONUS... unique flavor & antioxidants

...For this salad, I intentionally added:

~Black sesame seeds sounded good and I wanted to benefit from their iron and fiber content!

~Jicama for it's slightly sweet crunch and prebiotic, gut loving fiber! (Jicama "whisps" are the white pieces in the salad)

5) DRESSING... simple, flavorful ingredients

...For this salad, I mixed 1/2 Tablespoon of each: Coconut aminos, unsweetened sunflower butter and lime juice. Mix well and add a pinch of fresh ginger (or dried).

...Organic sesame oil and flavored balsamic vinegar would be amazing on this salad too!

Let's keep this salad as clean and nourishing as possible by:

1. storing it in glass- think glass storage containers or a canning jar

2. buying all organic produce or at least the " dirty dozen" veggies organic so your liver doesn't have to work as hard processing out the toxins!

Enjoy your nourishing, power salad!


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