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{5 minute} pesto

What do you do when you're hungry for pesto, but you don't eat dairy and you're out of basil?!

That was my scenario today, and I wanted to share with you the fun recipe that was created as a result! Isn't that cool how many recipes are "born" out of a scarcity or need of some sort?

This recipe is so quick because you can use the pre-washed greens, add in your liquids and easily measure your avocado, walnuts and 3 seasonings, and you're ready to chop-chop! It should only take 1-2 times to scoop down the food processor bowl, then it's time to serve and enjoy!

With the organic power greens, walnuts, avocado, garlic powder and Basil flavored olive oil*, you will get amazing antioxidants and fabulous healthy fats... and deliciousness!

You can dress up zucchini noodles, spaghetti squash, wraps, soup and more with this 5 minute pesto! I hope you love it!

*I am sure you can use regular extra virgin olive oil, but this olive oil gives the pesto a more traditional basil flavor.

Be blessed as you cook 2 flourish!


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