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Spring Delight Arugula Salad

What a joy it is to play with unique colors and flavors in the kitchen!

This past week when I was at the Farmer's Market, the Lord inspired me with an idea that would use fresh arugula and a new herb I purchased called Pineapple Sage!

It makes such a colorful salad that I think you'll love! Recipe for 1 large or 2 side salads: 5 oz. Organic arugula 1 organic grapefruit, divided ½ avocado, chopped/sliced ½ golden organic beet, peeled into "whisps" Dressing: ½ cup fresh grapefruit juice ½ teaspoon chia seeds 4-5 leaves pineapple sage (optional; could try subbing fresh grated ginger) 2 Tablespoons Persian Lime olive oil Liquid stevia, to taste Simply arrange the salad, then blend the dressing and pour ½ of it on the salad to toss. Enjoy!

Spring Delight Arugula Salad

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