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7 Travel Favorites

Let's take wellness with us as we travel!

As I am packing for a few trips coming up, I wanted to share 7 tips/ products that make it easier to stay on track with our health goals, maintain energy levels for enjoying the trip and support the immune system. You can find each of these products in my Herbal Boutique!

Makes a perfect hand sanitizer by itself or add extra benefits with essential oils!

Keeps the immune system nourished with Vitamin D, elderberry, echinacea, and more! *(not for auto-immune) .

Super simple- just add to water!

Juice for the jet-lag with Korean ginseng, B vitamins, green tea leaf extract and more (no refined sugar)!

Super simple- just add to water!

Easy to still get your superfoods in by adding this to your shaker cup & Love and Peas protein powder (#7)!

Keep the gut happy with this non-refrigerated probiotic!

Keep calm while you travel- make a sniff stick or roll on

Stay nourished (and save money) by taking your own quick, healthy breakfast!

Stay healthy while you travel!

Healthy Travel Tips

Happy traveling!


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