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Healthy On The Road

Packing for a trip or just want to have some healthy staples for on the go?

One of the keys to wellness in addition to having your "why" in place, is to have the right foods on hand when life gets busy! Here in this post I want to share with you some foods that you can enjoy when you're away from the convenience of your kitchen so you can continue to flourish! Simply click on the underlined foods to take you to the website where you can view, screenshot, and/or purchase if you'd like!

Finding a protein bar that has a healthy ratio of protein to sugar can be challenging!

Gratefully, this brand has several great flavors that are low in sugar and high in protein and fiber! Plus, it is plant based!

It can be helpful to have more than one brand or type of health bar to pick from, so this is another good bar to have in your desk drawer, purse or suitcase!

Love Asian food but not a fan of GMO's in soy sauce?!

Meet Coconut Aminos... in packet form! These are handy to have at work or when you travel that you can open and enjoy on your favorite Asian food! It also doubles as a good salad dressing when paired with a squeezed lemon or lime wedge and olive oil!

I hope you enjoy olive these ideas, but seriously taking olives with you can provide satisfying healthy fats and little taste of salt. They are a great addition to a salad, with a healthy wrap or on their own while your are waiting for your plane or running to your next meeting!

Carrots usually travel pretty well as do some healthy crackers, so you need

something to dip them in! Hummus has some good healthy fats and fiber to hold you til your next meal and keep you from getting into the chips and candy at the airport or vending machine!

(or homemade trail mix)

Crunchy and loaded with healthy fats and minerals, nuts and seeds can be beneficial

while traveling or busy with the day to day! Aldi even has pre-portioned almond

packets that are easy to grab and go!

You could even make your own pre-portioned nut and seed baggies with your favorite combo's: walnut, coconut flakes, and pumpkin seeds OR almond, cacao nibs and

sunflower seeds... There are so many possibilities!

Many natural grocery store or health food sections have single servings of nut/seed

butters... the key is to get the ones that are UNSWEETENED. Grab a washed organic apple, carrot or celery sticks and you have a power snack! Or get a spoon and enjoy the nut butter from the packet by itself... it's better than nothing!

8. Simple Mills® Almond Crackers (full box or make serving size baggies)

Many times on airplanes crackers or snack-type foods are served, but unfortunately

they are made with white flour and gluten most of the time. So, why not pack your

own that you can enjoy and stay on track with your health goals?!

These crackers are wonderful by themselves, with nut/seed butter, hummus,

guacamole, aside a salad or soup!

Similar to the scenario above, these crackers pack a wonderful crunch and provide

amazing omega 3 fats from flaxseeds! My favorite are the Rosemery Flackers. Make

sure to have some water or herbal tea to wash them down- they do have a lot of

wonderful fiber!

10. Seaweed Chips (don't knock 'em til you try 'em!)

I know these may not be your first or favorite snack choice, but they have really

grown on me! Opt for the organic seaweed whenever possible and enjoy the iodine rich snack! They are paper thin, and if you enjoy seafood or sushi, you will *possibly* enjoy seaweed chips! Enjoy them alone, with Asian food, hummus, avocado or with a wrap instead of potato chips.

Getting enough clean protein can be a challenge when we are out of our regular

routine, so having convenient pouches or cans can help! These are great with a

mashed avocado, on a salad, with seaweed chips, with almond flour crackers or

even just with plastic fork.

Ideally tuna would not be used more than 1 time weekly due to its propensity to have higher mercury levels. If you do enjoy tuna, opt for Skip Jack or Chunk Light Tuna in water or olive oil... try to avoid in "broth" because it usually has soy in it, which is likely GMO.

12. Organic Apples, Carrots, and/ or Avocados

Often times when my family travels we will pack a few apples and carrots/ carrot

sticks in our backpack to munch on while we travel or for a hotel snack. If you are an avocado lover, you can also pack slightly under-ripe avocados in a plastic bag in your suitcase and enjoy the 2nd day or so on your trip!

In an earlier blog post I listed 7 of my favorite wellness products from my Herbal

Boutique that are wonderful to travel with also! From protein powder to immune

boosters, these are excellent for travel!

Enjoy these tasty tips!

Have a wonderful trip, and be blessed in your business (and other) endeavors!


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