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Spring Cleaning Naturally

Ahh... the windows are open, the flowers are blooming and the spring breeze is just delightful, isn't it? Normally around this time of year we all start to swing into action, or at least use the phrase "spring cleaning." Let's look at some natural ways that we can clean and avoid toxins!

Here are some of my favorites from my Herbal Boutique!

I love using essential oil based concentrates like Essential Shield Concentrate to make cleaners for my floors, kitchen, hand soap, surfaces and more!

Nature's Fresh is another wonder cleaning base since it is an enzyme spray. A citrus and minty essential oil blend is fabulous to pair with it for cleaning the bathroom or kitchen!

DIY Cleaning Spray

16 oz. spray bottle

8 oz. Nature's Fresh

8 oz. Hydrogen Peroxide (or vinegar)

1 teaspoon Essential Shield Concentrate

5 drops Pine or Eucalyptus essential oil

25 drops Lemon or Lime essential oil

Add all ingredients together, shake and spray! Enjoy cleaning!

Ingredients available in my Herbal Boutique here!

Making my own hand sanitizer is fun and less toxic using Silver Shield gel and Nature's Sunshine essential oils, if desired.

After cleaning or vacuuming, spritzing a light citrus, floral or woodsy essential oil blend would be a delightful conclusion to your spring cleaning!

For more information on safe cleaning, home and personal care products, please visit the EWG website and download their app!

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