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9 Prayers from Psalm 119

This morning as I was reading in Psalm 119, there were 9 verses I gleaned that can be used as prayers. It is a joy to pray God's Word! As you read throughout the Bible, you see Psalms that can be used as prayers and even models of prayer that Jesus and some of His apostles prayed.

I love what God tells us in 3 John 2 that we are to be mindful not only of the physical aspect of health, but the spiritual as well!

Do you have a time or way that you like to nourish your spiritual health?

For me, spending time in God's Word and in prayer are the main ways of cultivating spiritual health.

I hope that these verses and prayers are an encouragement to you!

(Psalm 119 is a rich, lengthy chapter, so this is not an exhaustive collections of prayers to be gleaned from this passage.)

verse 76:

"Let, I pray, Your merciful kindness be for my comfort, According to Your word to Your servant."

prayer: This is beautiful how it is already a prayer for God's merciful kindness to be our comfort...

verse 94:

"I am Yours, save me; For I have sought Your precepts."

prayer: Lord, save me, for I have sought Your precepts...

verse 107b:

"Revive me, O Lord, according to Your word."

prayer: We can pray this verse just as it is. Do you need strength or reviving? God is able to strengthen us!

verse 116a:

"Uphold me according to Your word, that I may live;"

prayer: Again, we can take this prayer just as it is and ask for God to uphold us.

I love how relatable the Psalms are!

verse 117:

"Hold me up, and I shall be safe, And I shall observe Your statutes continually."

prayer: Hold me up, Lord, and I thank You for keeping me safe. Help me observe Your Word continually.

verse 124:

"Deal with Your servant according to Your mercy, And teach me Your statutes."

prayer: Dear God, please deal with me according to Your mercy, and teach me Your ways. (see also Psalm 25:4-6)

verse 133:

"Direct my steps by Your word, And let no iniquity have dominion over me."

prayer: What a beautiful prayer to use just as it is. Other verses that are similar are Psalm 19:13-14 and Romans 6:6

verse 135:

"Make Your face shine upon Your servant, And teach me Your statutes."

prayer: This is so beautiful to ask God to make His face to shine up on us and teach us. Psalm 67 has parallels to this verse.

verse 151:

"You are near, O Lord, And all Your commandments are truth."

prayer: This verse is a bit different than the others listed above, but I love how we can use this verse as praise to God.

Lord, I praise you because You are near and all Your Words are truth!

May you be blessed and encouraged as you continue your journey with Jesus! If you would like more support and inspiration, please reach out or visit my new series called Rooted 2 Flourish!

Scriptures used are from the New King James Version (NKJV).

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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