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Ten Tasty Ways to Use Turmeric

Let’s talk about the amazing Turmeric root!!

In our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group, we have been blessed with fresh turmeric root! With so many healthy benefits, we want to know how to enjoy it!

Here are Ten Ways to Use Turmeric:

🥕In tacos

🥕In chili


🥕Roasted veggies (toss with grated turmeric before or after roasting)

🥕Stir fry

🥕Soup... especially with coconut milk and winter squash!

🥕Freeze for later use

🥕”Golden” milk or in tea

🥕In Marinades (may turn yellow)

🥕In Salad Dressing

Enjoy these tips and this video to enjoy this powerful food!!

If you prefer Turmeric capsules, this is my favorite!


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