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Lunch On a Stick...

No more boring lunches with these fun, farmer's market inspired kabobs! You can mix and match your veggies and protein with flair on these skewers! What a creative way to get kids involved in packing their lunches too- you could use toothpicks if you need to make them fit into lunch boxes easier!

Here are some flavorful line-ups:

  • Italian: Black olives (no preservatives), fresh basil leaves, cherry tomatoes, zucchini slices, herbed baked chicken cubes...

  • Lil' Market: sliced yellow squash, sliced cucumber (English is great), bell pepper chunks, cherry tomatoes, herbed baked chicken cubes...

  • Sandwich on a Stick: herbed baked chicken or turkey cubes, cherry tomatoes, organic cheese cubes/small slices, lettuce pieces, sweet onion pieces...

Have fun and enjoy your healthy lunch!!


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