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Splendid Uses for Swiss Chard

One of my first Farmer's Market treasures this spring is Swiss Chard!! [It is also a favorite of mine to enjoy in the fall.] Have you tried this beautiful, nutritious leafy green yet?! Here are 3 tasty ways to enjoy it:

  • soups: thinly slice and add to the pot the last 10-15 minutes of cooking

  • salads: thinly slice and toss with Romaine lettuce and a bold or fruity dressing (the Orange Courtwarming salad dressing p.119 Cook 2 Flourish pairs beautifully)

  • smoothies: wash, chop and freeze the greens, then add to your favorite smoothie!

*Keep the colorful stem- it can be chopped and added to a soup like celery or sliced into thinner ribs and eaten with hummus! :)

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