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Spring Spiral Salad

Don't you just love spring?!

Vibrant colors are cascading forth from flowers and green leaves are emerging from the trees... and amazing veggies are sprouting in the fields!

This salad is inspired by the essence of spring, and although not all of these veggies are seasonal, it provides a light dish to nourish the body and delight the palate...

Here's what I used...


1 small yellow squash, spiralized

1/4 medium jicama, spiralized

1/2 watermelon radish, spiralized

1/2 Chioggia beet, spiralized

sunflower sprouts

5 asparagus spears, chopped

top with:

1-2 Tablespoons walnut oil (or lemon extra virgin olive oil)

REAL® sea salt, to taste

fresh lemon juice

Simply arrange all your veggies in a plate and toss with the light dressing.

This is a perfect template for using for other veggies and flavors throughout the different seasons...

Flavor Twists:

lemon juice... lime juice or orange juice...

walnut oil... sesame oil or sliced avocado...

sea salt... ginger, fresh herbs...

Enjoy, my friends, and nourish 2 flourish!


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