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3 Ways to Enjoy Leftover Turkey

Are you stuffed with stuffing but still have turkey leftovers?

Here are a few of my favorite ways to enjoy leftover turkey… #2 is our family’s favorite!

#1 Turkey Salad: organic diced celery + dried onion flakes + sea salt + pepper + Vegenaise (purple lid) or Avocado Oil Mayo

#2 Turkey Fajitas: sliced organic bell peppers + sliced onion + Cook 2 Flourish taco spice + coconut oil (this makes the onions sweet).... Make sure to serve with lots of guac!

#3 Creamy Turkey Soup: homemade turkey or chicken bone broth + cooked organic celery + cooked onion + cooked cauliflower florets → puree these 3 veggies with 2 cups broth + 1 Tablespoon arrowroot starch.

Then, add the veggie puree back to the soup pot with the broth and add diced carrots and leftover turkey!

These recipes and more are found in our Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook!


3 Ways to Enjoy Turkey Leftovers


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